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welcome to Bag O’ Crab, your destination of deliciously prepared seafood world. Since 2010, Bag O’ Crab has served over thousands of happy families. In Bag O’ Crab, you can enjoy a wide range of selected seafood including Dungeness Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, Crawfish and more in family inherited receipts. These seafoods are handpicked every day to ensure the highest standard is provided to our customers.

Don’t like the seafood? Sorry to hear that. Although Seafood is our specialty, we also have something for you! Our Cajun style wings and Grill beef short ribs with French fries are gorgeous! And you can always explore the menu for more!

We have multiple store locations. Each store location is renovated to provide a remarkable dining experience and our team members are trained to accommodate it. So please come join us and find your favorite dishes and beverages